Anal Fistulas and Setons

What is an anal or perianal fistula?

Also called a fistula in ano It happens when you have an infection near your anus (back passage) and the pus is released through the surrounding skinThe hole from where the pus drained does not heal and results in a tunnel connecting the inside of your anus with the outside skin resulting in leakage of some pus and stool (poo) now and again.

What is it caused by?

Most often it is a simple infection of a gland around the anus some what similar to an infection of a gland in the skinRarely they can be caused by other conditions/ special infections Crohn’s disease is one such cause of an anal fistulaAnal fistulas are twice as common in men.

What problems are caused by an anal fistula?

Pain in and around your anus (back passage)Sometimes you might leak a bit of blood, pus or faecal (poo) stained dischargeIf you have a painful swelling from a build up of pus you may feel like a fever or run downOccasionally you might have little or no problems from your fistula. 


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