April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

According to Bowel Cancer UK, bowel cancer is the the fourth most common cancer in the UK. It accounts for the second highest cause of death from cancer. Almost 42,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK. More than nine out of ten new cases (94%) are diagnosed in people over the age of 50, and nearly six out of ten cases (59%) are diagnosed in people aged 70 or over. But bowel cancer can affect anyone of any age. 1 in 15 men and 1 in 18 women will be diagnosed with bowel cancer during their lifetime.

Bowel cancer awareness month is held across UK every April to raise awareness about the symptoms of bowel cancer. Various events are held across the country by charities to promote awareness and raise funds towards research in to a cure for bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer is the second highest cause of death from cancer in the UK. Attempts to improve outcomes have centred on diagnosis through the bowel cancer screening programme and by encouraging the public to recognise symptoms of bowel cancer and seek early attention.

Some of the common symptoms of bowel cancer include:

Bleeding from the bottom and blood in pooPersistent and unexplained change in bowel habitSudden and unexplained weight lossBeing easily fatigued with no obvious reason or causePain or a lump in the tummy

Whilst these symptoms are very common, they should be taken note of in persons over 50 or in anyone with risk factors for bowel cancer. These symptoms are best discussed with your doctor or specialist. Bowel cancer has good outcomes and is curable for most patients who are diagnosed early.

You can support the campaign run by various national and local charities including Bowel Cancer UK to fund raise and promote bowel awareness this month.

A ten minute telephone consultation is available throughout April on a Wednesday evenings for £75 should you wish to discuss any concerns about bowel symptoms. The amount will be deducted from any clinic consultation if necessary at a later date.

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