​Post-Polypectomy and Post-Colorectal cancer surgery Colonoscopy follow up for people aged over 75

The latest guidelines (Gut: Rutter MD, East J, Rees CJ, et al. Gut 2020;69:201–223.) published this year have suggested that regular colonoscopy stop around 75 years of age because of the following reasons:

1. Once the bowel has been cleared of polyps they are very unlikely to benefit from further surveillance colonoscopy as even if a new polyp occurs, it usually takes at least ten years for it to grow from a small polyp into a high-risk polyp or cancer;

2. Although colonoscopy is usually safe, the risk of a complication of the test itself (e.g. bleeding) or an associated event (e.g. stroke, heart or kidney problem) occurring after a colonoscopy increases significantly in patients over the age of 75;

Therefore it would be good to discuss the associated risks and potential benefits of having a further colonoscopy with each patient once they have reached 75 years rather than offer the test to everyone.

At Leicester Bowel Clinic we provide excellent bowel care and you can read more about Colonoscopy here.

You can also view these videos regarding recovery after Colorectal Surgery.

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