If You Have Insurance

We are fee assured for most insurers which means you will not need to pay anything. If you have private health insurance, we will need your insurance membership details. We will speak to your insurers and sort out all fees on your behalf. Some insurers require you to speak with them in the first instance to obtain pre- authorisation for your first consultation


If You Don't  Have Insurance

If you wish to pay for your own treatment, we are happy to provide you with all the costs and arrange for fixed price packages from the different hospitals we work with as given below.

Initial Consultation


Follow Up Consultation


Please note these fees excludes all routine diagnostic investigations such as scans, scopes and pathology.


Outpatient Procedures

Rigid sigmoidoscopy/ proctoscopy

£80 each and £100 for both

Banding of haemorrhoids


The hospital will add a small charge to the equipment used for these procedures. The details can be obtained.

Payment is required in full at time of your outpatient appointment at your chosen hospital. The Hospitals accept most major credit / debit cards and cash. No cheques allowed. Please call us at 01162168175 or email to receive your personalised quote.

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